In the light of Death

In the light of death, experiences on the threshold between life and death
with a foreword by Pim van Lommel and an afterword by Peter Fenwick

Having learned from those who experienced near death (NDE), it is time we became more sensitive to the dying process. We need to move out of the phase where medical personnel consider experiences reflect the dying person’s pathology. The frequency of these so-called end-of-life experiences means that we can no longer take this attitude or continue to ignore them.

On behalf of prominent Neuropsychiatrist Peter Fenwick, Ineke Koedam, an experienced hospice worker, researched these ‘end-of-life- experiences’. She interviewed fellow hospice workers in various hospices and bundled their experiences together in this unique book.

A dying man clearly sees his deceased wife and even can talk with her. A dying woman who has been in a deep coma, suddenly becomes alert enough to coherently say goodbye to loved ones at the bedside.

End-of-life experiences are – without exception – miraculous.

In In the Light of Death the author shows that these intensely spiritual experiences can be healing and often lead to transformation for the dying, their relatives, friends and carers, particularly if they can be understood and discussed before the process of dying begins. In the light of death is informative, comforting and helpful at a time when many people are afraid of dying. See cover.



‘Ineke Koedam has a deep understanding of what it is like to die, and her focus is primarily on the emotional and spiritual needs of those who are dying and the way these can be met by those caring for them. This makes her book of inestimable value to us all’.

Peter Fenwick, neuro psychiatrist, author of The Art of Dying and many more books/articles.

‘I am convinced that this book will make a huge contribution to the acknowledgement and recognition of end-of-life experiences, which can diminish the fear of death even in its final stages.’

Pim van Lommel, cardiologist, author of Consciousness Beyond Life: The Science of Near-Death Experience.


‘Thank you for your lovely book. It is a heart-felt work that will bring much light, love and comfort to this world’.

Eben Alexander M.D., the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Proof of Heaven.

  • a clear and harmonious book, offering peace and quiet
  • inspiring and moving book about dying
  • a must for any hospice worker
  • significant and comforting book
  • illuminating view on death
  • a conscious farewell to life and soul
  • highly recommended
  • a pearl for every person