Do you recognize this too? That you read a text that connects you with your own deep inner truth and wisdom, or that you meet people who just seem to come on your path with whom you experience a meaningful connection? The more I do what I feel I should do, the more I feel an inner ‘yes’, the happier I am. The result seems to be that I experience the most beautiful and meaningful situations and that I am less dependent on external circumstances or others who should make me happy. It makes me exult from the inside: ‘Hallelujah’. Not because things are going well or that I am willing to work for success. It is acting out of inner conviction and realising that I work for what is good and not necessarily because of the chances of success.

When do these moments of inner rejoicing and me feeling extraordinary happy find place? And mind you, in a world that is not really wonderful, in which many things actually are wrong, nearby and far away.

Serving voluntarily
It is serving voluntary, to be doing what I have to do, because deep inside I know that it is good, without being led by outcomes which may or may not occur. It is like Vaclav Havel writes about hope in the following text. Be inspired!

Deep within ourselves, we carry hope.
If this is not the case,
there will be no hope.
Hope is a quality of our soul
and does not depend on what happens in the world.
Hope is not to predict or to anticipate
It is an orientation of the spirit,
an orientation of the heart, anchored beyond the horizon.

Hope in this deep and powerful meaning
is not the same as joy because things are going well
or your willingness to work for what is successful.

Hope is working for something because it is good,
not only because of the chances of success.
Hope is not the same as optimism.
Neither the conviction that something will turn out well.
It is the certainty that something makes sense despite the outcome,
the result.

Ineke Koedam runs her own practice Weerschijn - for death and bereavement. She is an experienced hospice worker and trains workers in the terminal care. She is the author of In the Light of Death, Experiences on the threshold between Life and Death (ISBN 9789020209624.)

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