Death has value of eternity

Death has the quality of eternity
Surprised and grateful I was with the nomination of my book In the light of death, experiences on the threshold between life and death, for the ParaVisie Award in the category best book 2013 in the Netherlands. That the price went to another book, does not matter at all.

The nomination reflects the interest and attention that readers of ParaVisie exhibit and ask, for the care of the dying and for the deathbed phenomena at the gate that opens in their nearness . This is a good thing. Not only will it support the dying it will also, as Pim van Lommel mentions in the extensive foreword, let the fear for death diminish or even disappear and profoundly change our vision on what death actually is.

Resonate with light and love, peace and joy
Did you vote? If so, I sincerely want to thank you because with your vote you have contributed to a greater awareness concerning dying and death. Did you not vote but are you curious? Do not worry, death has this special quality of eternity and In the light of death is not a hype or trend. Buy or borrow the book at the library and resonate along with the experiences of light and love, peace and joy. And in return you shine your light: enriched and refined!

More light
The ParaVisie Awards were presented for the eighth time. These first Dutch spiritual prizes are awarded to individuals who have distinguished themselves spiritually. Past winners were: Ronald Jan Heijn, Patty Harpenau, Wim Hof, Erica Terpstra and Sandra Reemer.

Also inspirator Lucia Rijker and medium Henk Jan Akse received an award this year. Congratulations! That this award may be a lead up for a bit more light for humanity.

Ineke Koedam runs her own practice Weerschijn - for death and bereavement. She is an experienced hospice worker and trains workers in the terminal care. She is the author of In the Light of Death, Experiences on the threshold between Life and Death (ISBN 9789020209624.)

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